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Veritas 1.2mm G2 Dorian 14

G2- (D F) G A Bb C D E F G (C D E)


This G2 Dorian built on 1.2mm stainless steel is a wonderful instrument to pair with your standard D Minor scales. Having the bass tone of G2 played with the D3 creates a beautiful drone, the F3 adds to the F major transition, and the Bb3 can fill in the missing Kurd of the D Celtic Minor. Alone, this Dorian also has an amazingly intuitive feel to jam with, almost whimsical and jazzy in nature while maintaining an ease of flow throughout the scale.



**** A separate invoice will be sent for international shipping. Feel free to email me for a quote ****


Comes with the option for an Evatek or Namana ST-H03 Case.

Veritas 1.2mm G2 Dorian 14

  • Sales are final once the instrument has shipped.  A $30 fee will be charged for cancelling the order before it has shipped.

  • A separate invoice will be sent for shipments outside the US.  If you are wanting to know the cost range feel free to contact me before purchasing for a quote at

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