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Veritas E Celtic Minor 16

(B D) E- (G A) B D E F# G A B D E F# G A



**** A separate invoice will be sent for international shipping.  Feel free to email me for a quote ****


This E Celtic Minor is an incredibly fun layout ranging from E3 to A5 on top with a clean and balanced timbre, tuned shoulders, an extended range of  low notes on the bottom to expand the chordal possibilities, as well as a beautiful aesthetic.   The Celtic Minor is one of my favorite scales as it is quite intuitive to play in any register and this layout provides lots of options for musical creation and expression.


Comes with the option for an Evatek or Namana ST-H03 Case.

Veritas E Celtic Minor 16

  • Sales are final once the instrument has shipped.  A $30 fee will be charged for cancelling the order before it has shipped.

  • A separate invoice will be sent for shipments outside the US.  If you are wanting to know the cost range feel free to contact me before purchasing for a quote at

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