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Notes are C#- (E) G# A B C# D# E F# G# (A) B C#.  Full video HERE.  This extended version has all the notes to switch between the classic Kurd/Annaziska and Celtic Minor modes, while the low E on the bottom adds the transition into an E Major mode.  Instrument ships with a black Evatek Carrying Case.


About the "JourneyPan" Series:


The JourneyPan Series instruments are part of the 6 instruments built in the beginning of the Veritas development that helped guide me towards my current standard. Each JourneyPan Series instrument is finely tuned and stable, but they weren't up to the standards I envision. While I don't plan on having tiered pricing in the future, to help pay for the months of investment and development and trying to stay away from Crowd Funding I feel this is a great way to help without investing money in me before you even know what kind of builder I will become. As I move into my new phase of building, these are the last instruments of their kind that I have plans to sell, while the rest will either be used for practice, donated, or tossed into the scrap pile. So I have held on to these few instruments that I feel were not up to my standards but could still be played and enjoyed while helping fund my months of development.

Veritas Sound Sculpture 'JourneyPan' C# Minor 13 (Kurd/Celtic/E Major)

$2,100.00 Regular Price
$1,950.00Sale Price
  • Returns and order cancellations are not accepted after the instrument is shipped.  The Handpan will be insured through the shipping carrier for the full value of purchase.

  • Handpan Care: It is recommended to store the handpan in a climate controlled room.  If left in the case for long periods of time, leaving the case slightly open can help air circulate to prevent moisture build up, just be sure to fully close the case before moving and handling to prevent damage.  I recommend keeping a microfibre towel with your handpan at all times and wiping the instrument off after each play. 

    Pure Sound Wax is the preferred protectant for my instruments.  The Handpan will already be protected when you receive it, and it is recommended to thoroughly clean the instrument about every 4-6 weeks (more or less pending your climate and proximity to the ocean) and reapply the wax via the video instructions HERE.

    All handpans will need to be tuned at some point, and I provide the first tuning free of charge, you are just responsible for any shipping charges.  With proper playing technique (not hitting excessively hard) the instrument should not need tuning more than 1 time per year, and even possibly pending your ear and whether or not you are a performing/recording artist, it may even be possible to go years without needing tuning.