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For handpan instruments that are damaged, the pricing will be quoted on an individual basis.  For some dents and dings, it may be possible to simply hammer out the area or just tune the affected notes without opening the instrument.  In other cases, an instrument may need to be cut open, secured, and hammered back into shape.  This requires a significant amount of work as the instrument will then need to be glued, allowed time for the glue to cure, and tuned a couple of times to ensure stability.  This includes instruments that have begun to split apart at the rim due to the glue deteriorating.  

There are lots of ways handpans can get damaged!  Falling off of stands, checking it into the plane without proper cases, being played too hard with mallets or fingers, etc.  I have repaired handpan damage from various incidents and will be happy to repair yours!

When submitting a request for a quote to tune and repair your damaged Hang drum or handpan, please include as much information as possible.  Short videos of the notes being played, list of notes in the scale, the maker, and the type of material it was made from are all great pieces of information for me to help give you the most accurate quote for cost and time to repair.

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