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Dynamic Handpans for Dynamic Players
 Crafted by Josh Rivera

While at times there will be Handpans for sale that are immediately available for various reasons, you are welcome to request a custom Handpan made specifically for you during open booking periods!


I currently build instruments on 1mm 430, 439 and 1.2mm 430 stainless steel deep drawn shells sourced from both Ayasa and Mira shells. These are 53cm shells so I will not currently be available to build a scale that includes the note Bb4 for the reason of Frequency Interference, most commonly known as "Impedance".  Though, Bb3 is a note I am willing to build with the knowledge that the octave will have a "wave interference" to a varying degree.

General Pricing can range between $1800-$4500+/- depending on the scale and number of notes requested. Instrument price includes either a Namana or Evatek Case.

Save on international transfers by using Wise for the purchase.

Create your account using the link HERE!


*Occasionally Prototypes may be available at a discounted price*

**While I strive to build as many scales and layouts as possible there are certain scale/layouts that, for sonic reasons, I will not be available to build and will be explained in the case that it is requested.  

Pricing and Order Information

Custom Handpan Orders


Read the FAQ page to get all the details of ordering a custom Veritas Sound Sculpture


Book your custom Veritas Sound Sculpture by paying the deposit to get on the schedule


I will contact you to discuss all of the details of your order. If you have any questions before paying the deposit, contact me.

Handpans for Sale

Handpans for Sale

Occasionally, I have a Veritas Sound Sculpture Handpan for sale that I have on hand. If you don't need a custom build, check out my inventory here!

Custom Veritas Sound Sculptures - Sold

Here are a variety of Veritas Sound Sculpture Handpans I have built and sold. You can listen to the differences in sounds to choose your next custom build!

To learn more about my history and the influence of music in my life take a moment to listen to the podcast below facilitated by longtime Handpan Ambassador, Sylvain Paslier

handpan building workshop

How do I build Veritas Sound Sculptures?
Here is some insight.

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