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I regularly attend Handpan festivals and offer tuning services there.  If you are in the area of any of these festivals, or plan on attending, this is a good time to save money and stress from shipping and meet in person to have your Hang or handpan drum tuned. All while meeting various people from around the world that share the same passion!  These festivals are also a great place to meet other handpan builders, play an array of handpans made around the world, meet new friends, see talented players on stage, eat amazing food, learn about the handpan building process, and attend workshops to push your boundaries of playing.  I can personally say that attending these festivals are highlights for the year and have changed my life!  Be sure to keep this page saved for updates about festivals I will be attending and I hope to see many of you there.

Great Ocean Road

Victoria, Australia

January 16th-20th 2020

Mellow Farm

September 5th-8th 2019


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