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David Kuckhermann

I have been a fan of David Kuckhermann since well before discovering the handpan. Having been obsessed with tabla, frame drum, riq, and darbuka one of the first videos I found when YouTube was created was David playing frame drum along side Ahmad Al Khatib on the Oud, which was the first time I had ever been exposed to the oud as well.  This was the video that made me a life long fan: 

David-Kuckhermann playing handpan

Fast forward 13 years David felt a deep connection with the handpans and I am happy to share that he is offering a wealth of knowledge ranging from Beginner Handpan Lessons to Advanced Level Handpan Techniques!  Here is the list and explanation of each course offered by David.  Here are a couple of trailers:

Handpan 101
(free beginner course)

handpan 101 for handpan dojo

This free handpan course kick-starts your journey into the world of handpan playing. You’ll learn the essential basics and even get to play your first musical piece right away.

After completing the course, you will have created a perfect foundation to develop your playing further and continue your handpan journey. Check out the courses available below!

Grainy Texture
Level 1 - Beginner to Intermediate handpan dojo

If you...

  • love the sound of the handpan

  • want to learn a musical instrument in a fun and playful way

  • would love to play your own music

  • want to learn a solid foundation and develop good playing habits

  • want to play melodies and harmonies while you spice up playing with percussive sounds and grooves

  • want to learn the repertoire of compositions on the way

Then this course is for you!

Level 2 - Intermediate to Advanced handpan dojo

If you want to...

  • take your playing to the next level

  • expand your repertoire of grooves and harmony

  • understand Rhythm and Odd-Metre Rhythms

  • learn advanced techniques like the Split Hand and Floating Hand

  • achieve independence and freedom in your playing

Then this course is for you!

Level 3 - Advanced handpan dojo

If you have a solid foundation and want to...

  • develop your technique to a professional level

  • learn more about musicality and how to create space in the music

  • make any chord sequence groove

  • improve your Independence

  • incorporate ideas from classical music into your playing

  • reach a higher level of virtuosity and learn advanced finger drumming techniques

Then this course is for you!

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