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Handpan Tuning Services

For standard handpan tuning on most instruments, the price is variable between $100-$150, depending on how far out of tune the instrument is.  There are a number of handpans of which more work is required based on how it was built.  While I strive to provide tuning services for all handpans, some of these will either require a higher charge or I may refer you back to the original builder to have them service the instrument.  The amount of time it will take to tune can also vary pending the stability of the handpan.  Some will require multiple tunings to achieve the most stability possible for that instrument.  The more information the better!  If you provide a video of each note being played, the name of the maker, year it was made,  and the notes in the scale I can give you the most accurate quote.

Back of man tuning handpan using Macbook and Linotune wearing yellow ear mufs in front of tuning ring
Standard Tuning: Service


 The first sign is your ears!  It often happens that one day while playing your instrument, it just 

That is a good time to check your instrument's tuning. 

Standard Tuning: News

Still not sure if your instrument is out of tune? Dont hesitate to contact me with any questions you might have.


  An easy way to check the tuning is using an app called LinoTune.

I have been using LinoTune as my primary tuning software for years.  The mobile App version has been an amazing and low price option for Handpan owners to check their instrument's tuning with ease. 

You can find more information about LinoTune here   as well as watching my video on how to check your Hang or Handpan's tuning. 

The beauty of using LinoTune is that it is made to easily read and analyze these complex notes with little to no user setup. 

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