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A Quick History


of My

Handpan Life

Since the first day of receiving and playing a Panart Hang in 2006 while living in North Dakota, my life was changed and a new path was formed. From playing drums at the age of 5 to playing in a prog rock band called Echo's Answer for 13 years, learning tabla and darbuka, then handpan and frame drum, musically percussive instruments have always played a major role in my life.  After years of practice and performance I attended my first handpan gathering in North Carolina in 2012.  The next year I was told by 2 skilled Handpan Builders (Mark Garner and Colin Foulke) that "You have the personality to learn how to tune".  With these words circling inside I returned home shortly after and closed my recording studio to pursue the art of tuning steel full time. Jump forward 13 years from 2006 and I now live 30 minutes away from that very same venue!  A lot in life has evolved for me during those years.  I spent 4 and a half years tuning with the great team at Saraz Handpans and then created Rivera Steel Tuning to care for and learn from the experience of tuning handpans built by others.  Now, after a combined 13 years of Handpan experience, tuning, practice, building, and education I am excited to share with you my own creations, Veritas Sound Sculpture.  To learn more about my history and the influence of music in my life take a moment to listen to the podcast below facilitated by longtime Handpan Ambassador, Sylvain Paslier.  You can also support and keep up with the newest developments by subscribing to my YouTube Channel and Instagram feed linked below!

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