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~Dynamic Handpans for Dynamic Players~


Crafted by Josh Rivera


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Have a Personal Scale In Mind?


While at times there will be Handpans for sale that are immediately available for various reasons, you are welcome to request a custom Handpan made specifically for you! I currently only build instruments on my preferred nitrided or stainless deep drawn shells that are 53cm diameter.  This means I will not build a scale that includes the note Bb4 for the reason of Frequency Interference, most commonly known as "Impedance".  Though, Bb3 is a note I am willing to build with the knowledge that the octave will have a "wave interference" to a varying degree.

General Pricing can range between $1700-$4000 depending on the scale and number of notes requested. 


Standard instruments with 9 total notes on the top shell only, C3 and up, are now $1800 which includes a case, Pure Sound Wax, cloth, and first tuning free excluding damage.  $125 shipping in the US, $150 for insured shipping outside of the US to most places. 


Detailed Pricing:  Please fill in the form below to receive a quote for the instrument you desire.


*Price includes either a Namana or Evatek Case

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*Occasionally Prototypes may be available at a discounted price*

*An invoice for a deposit of $300 will be required for personal instrument requests after submission is accepted. The deposit will be 50% refundable, minus transaction fees, up to the point  that the handpan instrument is started.  Deposit is non-refundable after I begin hammering.  A notice will be sent within 48 hours of starting the instrument to notify you that the handpan building is about to begin and to confirm the request. 

**While I strive to build as many scales and layouts as possible there are certain scale/layouts that, for sonic reasons, I will not be available to build and will be explained in the case that it is requested.  

Request a Custom Handpan

Thank you for your request and I will respond as soon as possible. Cheers!